Family Reunion

Just came back from a family reunion 🙂 After more than 10 years, I get to meet my brother again, face-to-face. Hehe. And, after more than 10 years, it was also the first time all of us gather together again. Those few days were ones of my happiest days 😀 Sadly enough, you don’t get to appreciate things until it becomes scarce. Hope we have more chances to meet up again, all of us, every once for a while 🙂


Time goes fast! Before you get to realize it, everybody has grown up, gets his/her own things to do, live at some distant places, and you don’t really see each other that often anymore. So, treasure every moment you have together with all of your family members.

Running Too Slow

I’ve felt like I’m running too slow these days, weeks, months… Before I realize it, I’m going to turn 30 soon. And yet, I feel like I still have nothing at the moment. Some of my friends are already married, some others already have kids. I feel somehow left behind.

Recently heard some news about 马云,Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, after the price of the IPO increased and became the largest in the history. He has a quote, which kinda leave some impression to me: 35岁你还穷,活该你穷! It means, “If you’re still poor at 35, you deserve it!”. He is a great guy indeed. Nowadays, it takes effort to be successful, you need to differentiate and look for new opportunity. Another way, is probably to invest.


I still remember the phrase “Run your own race, at your own pace”. Hope I can run faster, and think of something I like, at the same time, make something out of it 🙂


Back to Singapore

Had a 9-day holiday, and just came back to Singapore last night. Overall, the holiday is not so good, some problems here and there. However, it’s good that I can go back and see my parents. Working here, not much time spent together with them, not much time to talk to them either.

Managed to eat some of my favorite foods, sweet pancake (Martabak manis). Brought some back from Indonesia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste so good as when it’s hot. Need to heat it up first.



Coincidentally eat another favorite cake, Lapis Legit, not that much though. It’s not that easy to find a fresh and delicious one in Jakarta, not near the place I live.

Lapis Legit

That’s all for the foods…

Looks like the haze is back in Singapore, it looks pretty bad from here.


The 3-hour PSI reading from NEA shows 136 PM2.5 , which is not good based on the indicator. It was still better than the last year, which reached 400+, though.


Stuck Inside MRT

Oh, it was a long day yesterday. I went somewhere to look for something. When I headed back home, there was a problem with the train. It stopped in the middle. Despite the initial estimate that the problem would be resolved in 25 minutes, I had to stand for more than 40 minutes inside, and ended up alighting at one of the stops. I needed to look for buses to get home, and arrived home quite late 😐 For a small country like Singapore where people rely heavily on the MRT system, it is a disaster if something goes wrong with the train, or the system itself. People find it convenient travelling with MRT and take it for granted. Once something goes wrong, everything is just a mess.

This makes me think about Jakarta; the government is now building the MRT system. I can see that it would be much more of a mess if something goes wrong with the MRT system in Jakarta. They have to really think about back-up plan, so that when something goes wrong, the MRT system can still operate. We can only wait and see. Hope they do plan it well. As the saying goes: You fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Look for Something to Do

Yes, this is my second post today! 🙂 I feel like I’ve been doing nothing lately, just drown in routines. I go to work everyday, waking up at the very same time everyday, fast breakfast, go to work, come back, exercise a bit (sometimes), dinner, watch some movies & play some games. These repeat everyday. And on weekends, I just play some games & have a little bit of exercise. That’s it, and weekend is gone just like that…

I feel like I need to do look for something to do to fill the remaining time, either it’s something which can earn me more money, or some hobbies, or things I’ve been longing for. I actually have quite some wish lists, things I want to learn, or create. I just haven’t managed to fulfill them, not enough motivation. Sometimes, I stopped half-way :”> Ones of which are to learn Cantonese. I did started this before, learning by myself, but after some time, I just didn’t feel like continuing. Another one is to have my own, I mean MY OWN, website, the one I purely code myself, and get it up myself. hehe. The same thing, I started this quite a long time ago, and stopped in the middle, just couldn’t keep it up. I’m gonna try to do the second again. I once used PHP programming language when I was in college, for my final project. Now, I need to review how to code in this programming language again, it has been quite some time since I used it, not that hard to recall though ^^

Tell myself: “Keep it up, you lazy bum!” haha…

Blog Theme

I was looking for a web template today. Happened to find a simple web template. I was intending to see the real demo, and didn’t realize that I was logged in to wordpress. The moment I clicked “Activate”, my blog theme changed. Dang! I couldn’t remember what theme I used before. I like it simple and clean.

I tried recalling the theme name, but I just couldn’t. Then, I remember that there was a blogger who used the very same theme as the one I am using. Searched for the comments I’ve ever made, and…. ta-da… found the blogger’s link. Followed the link, and remember that it’s MistyLook theme ^^ I’d like to thank this blogger, a cat-lover at starlight427.wordpress.com 🙂

My very first blogged after quite a long time hehe. Oh, can’t help, a seasonal blogger :”>



I don’t usually post about anime, but I think I found one interesting anime recently. I watched this anime called “Kaiji” recently. It is quite educating and interesting, but somehow gets a bit boring in the end, as you watch more and more. This is what you can encounter in real life too, in fact. It is about a guy who cosigned some paper with his friend, his friend fled and he ended up being dragged by the underworld guys to gamble and pay for the debt.

Lessons learnt:

1. Don’t easily trust people you don’t know. Even if you (think you) know them, be cautious when it comes to important things. 所谓, 害人之心不可有, 防人之心不可无

2. Never ever gamble. If you don’t have (which most of the people don’t have) a strong will to stop, don’t gamble. It’s human nature to never get satisfied, and it’s pretty hard to resist it.